Premium Triton Flavors: Our Bestselling E Cig Liquid Wholesale Flavors

Our Premium Triton Flavors line contains a wide range of premium e cig liquid wholesale flavors. These e cig liquid flavors have each been carefully crafted and concocted by our own research and development team. We work very hard on our e cig liquid flavors and we truly hope you enjoy each and every one of them!

Here are the bestselling e cig liquid wholesale flavors from this line:

  • #VAPOR - Like breakfast food and peanut butter? Then you will surely enjoy our peanut butter pancake flavored e-juice!
  • 636-618 blend - Our premium St. Louis tobacco blend has all the flavor or cigarette tobacco taste.
  • Banana Nut Custard - Enjoy the nutty flavor of bananas and custard.
  • Banana Nut Swirl - Not sure whether to go nuts or go bananas? Why not do both with this delightfully sweet e-juice?
  • Blueberry Menthol - Enjoy the sweet taste of blueberries with the cool taste of mint.
  • Blueberry Waffle - Take delight in this flavor bursting with juicy blueberries that will surely make your day off to a berry-good start!
  • Bluid - Fancy something out of the ordinary? Then take a chance on this e cig liquid that has the taste of blueberries with the warm spicy undertone of anise.
  • Black Cherry - Enjoy the sweet taste of this e-juice that has been infused with a black cherry flavor.
  • Breakfast Bounty - If your favorite meal of the day is breakfast, then you will enjoy this unique e-juice blend of breakfast and Cappuccino.
  • Butterscotch Custard - Enjoy this heady combination of butterscotch and vanilla custard without the cloying sweetness.
  • Captains Cola - Take a shot and enjoy the taste of spiced rum and cola in this bottled e-juice.
  • Carm-o - You're in for a treat with this caramel, marshmallow, and dark honey blend!
  • Carmochaccino - Fancy some caramel and chocolate flavored coffee? Then this e-juice is meant for you.
  • Caramel Apple - Enjoy the taste of caramel apples bottled in this e-juice.
  • Caramel Apple à la Mode - Imagine warm apple pie topped with a generous serving of vanilla ice cream and a drizzle of warm caramel syrup bottled in this e cig liquid.
  • Caramel Tobacco - This e-juice hits the spot with its mild tobacco scent mixed with a touch of caramel.
  • Cherry Blast - Enjoy summer in a bottle with this blend of three cherries, and a hint of menthol thrown in.
  • Cherry Cola - Indulge in your favorite cherry-flavored soda with this e cig liquid.
  • Cinnamon Apple - The taste of crispy apples and spicy cinnamon makes this e-juice an eternal favorite.
  • Cinnamon Red Hots - If you want something downright sweet and spicy, then this is the e-juice for you.
  • Chocolate - Savor this classic chocolate blend without bells and whistles.
  • Coco Delight - Give in to the taste of this chocolate cookie flavored e cig liquid.
  • Coke Float - Enjoy the classic combo of vanilla ice cream and coke with this vape juice.
  • Cowboy - For a strong tobacco blend, this is the perfect e-juice blend for you.
  • Custards Last Stand - Try this custard flavored e-juice with a subtle aftertaste of vanilla.
  • Custards Peace Pipe - This unexpected combo of custard and tobacco blend will take you by surprise.
  • Cream Float - Enjoy the taste of classic ice cream float in your e cig liquid.
  • Dirty Girl Scout - This blend brings out the taste of light cinnamon sugar cookie in your e-juice.
  • Dragons Breath - Go for the unexpected with this fruity marshmallow mix.
  • Dreamcicle - Enjoy the taste of orange popsicle in this e-juice and be reminded of your childhood adventures.
  • Eklypse - Try this mallow and mellow blend of dragon fruit in your e cig liquid.
  • Ecto Cooler - The smooth, citrusy blend of oranges and tangerines is refreshingly good.
  • Ecto Chill - Try the menthol version of the Ecto Cooler with the Ecto Chill!
  • Fire Chill - This combo of warm cinnamon and cool menthol will throw you in for a loop.
  • Green Apple - Enjoy the perfect balance of sweetness and tartness in this bottled e cig liquid.
  • Horizon - Stay alert with the sharp fruit and citrusy blend of this e-juice!
  • Hot Cinnamon - If you want something spicier, then this hotter variant of Red Hots will just be the thing for you.
  • I-Hop - Stay awake with this breakfast staple of pancakes with butter pecan syrup.
  • Just Dew it - Take a breather with this unique blend of melon and ice cream in your e-juice.
  • Triton Berry (KrankBerry) - Have a berry blast with this raspberry and cranberry concoction that will remind you of Razzles candy.
  • Kentucky Applewood - Give in to your cravings with this e cig liquid that has a taste of earthy tobacco with a light, fruity undertone.
  • Livewire - Enjoy this citrus blend of a soda favorite.
  • Long Tall Menthol - Enjoy tradition with this e-juice that is reminiscent of the smell of long skinny cigars.
  • Maraschino Cherry - Give in to the liqueur taste of this sweet maraschino cherry flavored e cig liquid.
  • Melon Madness - Summer is forever whenever you get a taste of this melon-flavored e-juice.
  • Melon Baller - Take a whiff of this pungent fruity blend mix of your favorite melons.
  • Menthol - With its icy cool taste, your mint-loving taste buds will surely love this e-juice!
  • Mizzou Blood (aka Tigers Blood) - Enjoy the combined goodness of juicy watermelon and tart strawberries with just a hint of coconut in this delicious elixir.
  • Moon Pie - Enjoy this Southern dessert that combines the taste of graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate.
  • Monkey Fart - Enjoy this strange, magical, fruity juice blend.
  • Nana Berry - This concoction will feel like you are drinking a strawberry and banana smoothie.
  • New Moon - This e cig liquid packs in a lot of flavors with its earthy fruit blend.
  • O.K.M. - Indulge in the taste of citrus and kiwi, with a twist of mint.
  • Pecan Ice Cream - This e-juice is infused with rich butter and nutty flavors.
  • Piña Colada - This heady mix of coconuts, pineapple, and rum will keep you coming back for more.
  • Purple Nurple - Ignite your taste buds with this grape soda e-juice blend.
  • Raspberry Lemonade - The sweet and tangy blend of this e-juice is always a delight.
  • Raspberry Margarita - The intoxicating taste of cocktails and raspberries will keep you coming back for more.
  • Raz Dragon - Enjoy the distinctive taste of raspberry and dragon fruit.
  • Rice Krispy - You can now enjoy your favorite breakfast cereal any time of day with this bottled e cig liquid.
  • Root Beer Float - This long-time favorite refreshment of vanilla ice cream and root beer now comes in an e-juice bottle!
  • S'Mores - You no longer have to be in front of a campfire to enjoy this American classic treat of marshmallow, chocolate, and graham crackers.
  • Santa Sancks - For people who are not into sweet e cig liquids, this peppermint menthol is the perfect palate cleanser.
  • Snake Bite - This e-juice concoction of tropical cream mix has a slight bite to it.
  • Strawberry Watermelon - This fruity combo gives off a sweet and tart taste.
  • Strawberry Watermelon Champagne (Waterberry Champagne) - The sweet and tangy taste of strawberries and watermelon is topped with fizzy champagne. Always a cause for celebration!
  • StrawNana - Be entranced with this refreshing blend of strawberries and bananas.
  • Strawberries and Cream - You will be captivated by this traditional English dessert blend of strawberries and cream.
  • Sweet Tart - Sweet and sour makes for a powerful combination in this e-juice bottle.
  • Tropical Ice Cream - A mixture of tropical fruits in an ice cream blend.
  • Vanilla Bean Ice Cream - Classic flavors such as vanilla bean ice cream never go out of style.
  • Vaptoria's Secret - For the ultimate fruity taste, Vaptoria's Secret is a superb blend that contains a mix of eight fruits!
  • Waterberry Champagne - A blissful concoction of strawberries, watermelon, and champagne.
  • Watermelon Chill - The soothing taste of watermelons is bottled in this e-juice.
  • Cobbler - Don't miss the sweet treat of blueberry cobbler topped with cinnamon inside this e cig liquid.
  • Dat Pie - This cinnamon apple pie blend will give you a taste of home.
  • Arnie - Enjoy the refreshing taste of both sweet tea and lemonade in this e-juice.
  • Stellar - Indulge in the taste of the tropics with this pineapple and coconut e-juice blend.
  • Strawbbler - Enjoy the taste of strawberry cobbler topped with cinnamon in this e-juice blend.
  • The Shake - Nothing beats a classic like this strawberry milkshake e-juice flavor.
  • RY8 - Enjoy the aroma of sweet pipe tobacco overlaid with dessert notes.
  • Supple - This e-juice is perfect for those who are addicted to honeydew-flavored bubble tea.
  • Aw Nuts - Have a nutty desert blend that will make you go nuts!
  • Emerge - Enjoy breakfast anytime of the day with the Emerge cereal blend.
  • Gusto - You will surely take a liking to this strawberry pomegranate blend with much gusto.
  • Morpheus - The taste of blue raspberry toaster pastry can be experienced with Morpheus.
  • Uncle Al - If you are craving for cigars, this e cig liquid blend that tastes like cognac-dipped cigar is the next best thing.
  • Solstice - Treat yourself to this fruity blend of cantaloupes and mangoes.
  • Strazzle - Enjoy your favorite Toaster Strudle in raspberry flavor.
  • Bomb Diggity - Enjoy the blue raspberry taste of Bomb Diggity.

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