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Are you the owner of an e liquid retail store looking for reliable and trustworthy e liquid suppliers to provide you with a steady stream of e liquids that keep your customers coming back?

As your e liquid supplier, Triton Vapor can help you consistently provide that nicotine buzz to your customers without the tar or chemicals that come from smoking tobacco cigarettes. For bulk e juice orders and inquiries, please contact us at 636-385-6274 or send us an email online.

Why You Should Carry Our Product Lines

Triton Vapor is a premium e-juice producer and e liquid supplier based out of O'Fallon, MO. We aim to be a game changer in the vaping industry by establishing ourselves as an authority in the e-juice market. Many retail stores choose to order from us out of all the e liquid suppliers competing in the market today due to the following reasons:

  • Premium quality of our e-juices: As a producer, we pride ourselves on the quality of our pure, uncut vaping liquid products. We make sure to use only the finest grade ingredients for our product lines, so that end-users will be able to enjoy the highest quality e-juice on the market today. We proudly stand behind our products which are all 100% made in the USA.
  • Wide selection of e-juices: We sell a wide variety of delicious, high-quality e-juices that cater to every taste and budget. We currently have the following product lines:
    • People's Choice
    • Cravings
    • 7 Deadly Vapes
    • Cloud Chasers
    • Premium Triton Flavors
  • Wide reach: We are the e liquid suppliers of choice for many businesses and vaping stores, all across the US. We aim to provide the best and the fastest vapor liquid shopping experience for our customers. This means that we do everything in our power to ensure your orders will get to you right away so you can meet high demands. To make sure you never run out of stock, get your wholesale e liquid orders from Triton Vapor!
  • Affordable pricing: We try to keep our wholesale e-liquid prices down as much as possible without compromising the quality of our products. When you choose Triton Vapor as your e liquid supplier, our low prices allow you to pass on the savings to your own customers.
  • Exceptional customer service: Our online customer service team is passionate about what we do, which is to supply high quality, premium e liquids across the U.S. Our staff is friendly and accommodating, and can guide you all throughout the entire ordering process. Our exceptional customer service is just another reason why people choose us over other e liquid suppliers.

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Admittedly, there are a lot of e liquid suppliers out there, but many businesses choose us for their orders because of our quality products and competitive pricing.

Triton Vapor wants to be your e liquid supplier! For your bulk e-juice orders, contact us at 636-385-6274. You can also send us an email at sales@tritonvapor.com to receive samples of our most popular products.

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Newest Flavors

Brunts - Banana E-Liquid Flavor

Brunts - Go bananas with Brunts, a refreshingly delicious e-juice that contains the sweet, fruity flavor of banana.

The Rancher - Enjoy the sweet aroma of your favorite hard candy with this sweet and sour green apple flavored e-liquid.

Not Andees - For those who love those little chocolate mint bars, you're in for a treat. The smooth blend of mint and chocolate will deliver an explosive taste in your mouth.


All of our wholesale e liquids are 100% made in the USA using the finest grade of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol.

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Answers to your most common questions about our e juice and why you should choose us for buying e liquid wholesale.

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